Izzy Bowman
Hi, I’m Izzy! I enjoy combining graphic design with illustration and storytelling. I always aspire to design with positivity in mind, touching on topics I’m passionate about or creating something light-hearted to make someone smile. My favourite project is the children’s book I wrote and illustrated about my brother; a personal story about growing up together which celebrates our differences due to George having Down’s Syndrome and autism. I would love to continue book design as part of my career! Another poignant project is the story-based murals I designed for a hospital environment, using the metaphor of a journey through space to visualise the hard journey of childhood cancer. I experimented with animation and AR to bring the mural to life. This year I also explored printmaking, packaging and handcrafting a book. I’m looking forward to developing my skills, whether it’s design for publication, packaging, a physical or digital space, and always telling a story through my work.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design