Jemima Dixey
Hi, I'm Jemima, I'm a graphic designer with a keen interest in branding and packaging. I love using colour, typography and a variety of materials to create unique concepts to hit briefs in an interesting way. My favourite projects of this year have given me the opportunity to experiment with different materials and methods as well as to try and create something "outside the box". For example I have created a zine called '15 totally pants menstruation myths from throughout history' using risograph; I also used Japanese book binding and foiling to create 'Pretty Gruesome', a small, handmade book consisting of photographs of gruesome foods along with ingredients for the brief "Opposites Attract". My final project consists of a fake tan brand which uses the red dust from the planet Mars in order to create a particularly strong glow. However, there is a slight issue that this substance could damage your skin, or even kill you; but obviously it's worth it to look good.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design