Stephanie Parnham
I’m a Graphic Designer from Nottingham, with a passion for branding and illustration. My work is a combination of digital and physical. Physical when creating pieces and digital for the final touches. University has taught me to be more confident with my work, by making decisions on my own. Since being at university it has showed me that I have a passion for branding, whereas I knew I loved illustrating from an early childhood, by spending hours drawing and creating stories. A project that I have enjoyed is when I created a children’s book called 'Laika the Space Dog' - challenging both my writing and creative skills. Another project which I enjoyed was my alcohol brand called 'Lavish'. I liked this because I got to use my hand drawn and lino printing skills. For the future I hope that I can continue being confident within my work to learn and grow in the creative industry.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design