Maisie Tongeman
Greetings! I'm Maisie, a 2023 graduate in Fashion Design. My latest collection, titled 'A Love Letter to My Ego', is a product of my fascination with how clothing can be used to express flamboyant and extravagant aspects of the self. The collection explores opulent expressions of ego through the use of full silhouettes and lavish prints. One of the highlights of this project was collaborating with another student on the print design, which turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I also took this opportunity to further develop my pattern-cutting and manufacturing skills, building on the expertise I gained from my year in the industry. My aim was to create high-quality garments with longevity in mind, as a playful challenge to the fast fashion mindset that dominates much of the industry. Sustainability is a subject that I'm deeply passionate about, and I'm thrilled to have pushed myself to create pieces that prioritise durability and timelessness.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design