Eleanor Parry
Creative pattern cutting and innovative designing are at the heart of what I am passionate about as a designer. The concept of my final collection 'Inner Child' derived from the rising number of people suffering from anxiety and ADHD in a post-pandemic world, and how clothing can play an important part in comforting the mental and physical body. I have created a weighted puffer jacket which mimics a weighted blanket for anxiety with soothing memory foam pockets, a sensory blanket top through knitwear, amongst other features in my collection. I am most excited when pattern cutting and manufacturing my own collection, finding joy whenever I have finished a new garment. My final collection involves a combination of practices including print, knitwear, fabric dyeing and creative pattern cutting. In the future, I hope to be working within sustainable fashion as a creative and pioneering the newest technology and entrepreneurship.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design