Adelaide Ferreira
As a designer, I am passionate about fashion and deeply care about sustainability and style. I am highly focused and ambitious, constantly striving to push the boundaries and create unique pieces. For my Final Major Project, I explored the impact of the pandemic on the youth generation and how it changed our preferences. I started by analysing my own experiences and those of my friends. Consequentially the lockdown brought to us a nostalgic feeling for childhood and memories, and not being able to go shopping I started looking at those boxes at the bottom of my mum’s wardrobe, her old clothes. Seeing how they fit and how to style them in a Me way. Therefore, I decided to combine all my lockdown/post-lockdown adventures and bring it all into my Final Major Project in a way that I could create a unique womenswear collection, by upcycling second-hand tracksuits and sports clothing. My aim is to create high-quality garments that are unique and cannot be replicated.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design