Deva Thankan
I am a final year BA (Hons) Fashion Design student. Growing up I have witnessed both the glistening colourful world of fashion and the makers behind the veil, which has given me mixed emotions about the kind designer I want to be. Throughout my time at NTU, I have explored themes surrounding sustainability and traditional techniques. I want to connect the wearer, the garment, and the maker. I have explored the theme of connection, to capture the process of deconstruction of oneself to reconstruct oneself again. I wanted to understand and collect the pieces of me, that were lost, found, and forgotten. The collection is entirely made from deadstock fabric. I explored different creative pattern cutting techniques like subtract cutting, and zero waste cutting to create a minimal waste collection. I have created garments that are interactive with size-inclusive options. Stories are said in different ways and I want to create garments that tell their own stories, that speak for themselves.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design