Jasmine Venice
My name is Jasmine Venice and I am a BA (Hons) Fashion Design student. My final major project was a genderless collection called ‘Fall Below the Water’ - an exploration into human fluidity and the call to return to nature, inspired by the textures of moss, algae and wetness as well as mythology about creatures of water. I have used natural processes and all sustainable and deadstock materials in my collection. My designing and making skills have developed massively over my time at Nottingham Trent University and I look forward to continuing learning in my journey past university wherever it may lead- creating genderless clothing for any and all. ‘THE WATER DOES NOT JUDGE MY BODY, NOR THE TREES, NOR THE MOSS, NOR THE CREATURES BENEATH. I AM SIMPLY A BEING- ONE WITH MYSELF , ONE WITH THE ALGAE. THE WORLD AROUND IS DRIPPING AWAY, SUBMIT AND RETURN TO THE SWAMP’.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design