Emma Jones
I am a creative and conscientious individual, passionate about accessibility and sustainability. Inspired by the possibilities of new technology and textile innovation, much of my work explores sustainable textiles and embellishment processes such as laser engraving, hand dyeing and 3D render. My final Fashion Product was designed for those experiencing mobility and dexterity-based disabilities; facilitating both style and substance through a contemporary silhouette and accessible garment fixtures. The 'Modular Trench' features a selection of interchangeable sleeves, storm flaps and belts, along with a detachable underskirt to crop the jacket if desired. In doing so, the consumer may completely customise the garment to their individual needs and style. I am privileged and optimistic to be entering the industry at such a critical period of positive change. Photography: YK/@yk.w825
BA (Hons) Fashion Design