David Morrissey Talhadas
My name is David Talhadas and I go artistically by the name of Blitz. I am a Portuguese illustrator, photographer and filmmaker studying at Nottingham Trent University. My name comes from a mixture of inspirations, and it goes back to my love for the arts and music. You could also say it comes from my passion for automobiles and the love for things that go fast. As ironic as it may seem, this name came to me in a dream, and I stuck with it. I believe the name identifies me best as the illustrator that I have become and the person that I aim to be. My work often sways between different types of mediums, some traditional, others digital. I love ink, acrylics, pencils and developing work on different types of software. It tends to be split between Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation or Film Making depending on the brief. At this very moment, my world and work revolves around packaging, print, music and film or possibly a combination of all four.
BA (Hons) Illustration