Amy Mulroy
Though I thoroughly enjoyed my three years studying Theatre Design, I don't want to limit myself to one aspect of art and design. However, I still wish to continue on in this field. I have always held an interest in education and young people, expressed through my dissertation question "How do the arts support young people in the age of a mental health crisis?" Therefore, I am currently considering a career in teaching or working alongside children in some way. Whilst writing my dissertation there was a heavy focus on art therapy including drama therapy, I used the time spent writing about these topics to decide whether or not this could be a path I could follow. If I decide to go into teaching, or art therapy of some kind, I will have to continue my studies with either a PGCE or Masters degre. In the mean time, whilst I decide, I wish to share my creativity with the education system, searching for roles as an art or design assistant within schools, which I have previous experience in.
BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen (Design for Theatre and Live Performance)