Jasmin Chesterfield
Throughout the last 3 years at university, I have learnt many different skills. For example I have managed to push myself and create full sets in the workshop, design sets and costumes for certain plays and learn model making. Learning and understanding all these skills and how to produce work with them has made me come into myself and discover what I am most passionate about. I am interested in working within construction, making props and sets for TV and Theatre. The reason for this is that I can work in a team and would value the opportunity to expand my knowledge further. For my future plans, I would really like to work in the part of the industry that creates the large pieces of the set in theatre that we see today as I am a very creative and hands on person. It is amazing to see the designers work come to life and see the ideas that they were trying to portray.
BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen (Design for Theatre and Live Performance)