Zayd Ahmed
As a former architecture student, I had been inspired by the power of design to create emotional connections with people. The works of Zaha Hadid, in particular, sparked my interest in the potential of design to transform spaces and create impactful experiences. As I delved into graphic design, I became increasingly interested in incorporating technology into my work like Hadid. Through the content I consume, I discovered the exciting possibilities of AR/VR software and have been experimenting with 3D modelling and various game engines to create immersive environments to tell stories. The world of AI design fascinates me, and I stay up to date on emerging trends and tools that I can incorporate into my design process. In addition, I love learning new skills to implement in more traditional graphic design software through tutorials. If you are looking for a creative problem solver then my ability to come up with unique and interesting solutions for branding projects might interest you.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design