Rosanna Minerva
I am a final year in BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles student. I have used my textile background to aid me in the knitwear course, creating highly textural knits using cross-disciplinary techniques such as macrame, beading, crochet and print; this has led to the creation of some highly innovative fabrics. I based my project around the fact that the artificial world is growing quicker than ever before, suffocating nature as it grows and have aimed to draw attention to this issue within my project. I've always been interested in how the virtual world affects our development and learning as a member of Generation-Z, the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology and have considered the implications this may have on us. This has led me to create some highly sensory fabrics in order to stimulate the senses and help develop fundamental motor skills that may not have been acquired through technology.
BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles