Eve Elilio
My final major project, ‘Think Pink’, unapologetically celebrates the joys of girly femininity with a playful twist. Drawing on fond childhood memories of dressing up my barbie dolls and being obsessed with all things pretty, this collection channels a whimsical nostalgia. Through skilful use of colour, pink being the dominant hue, I’ve captured the essence of the concept with confidence, whilst using hints of yellow, orange and blue to enhance each garment. My fabrics are results of playful experimentation, using just a handful of techniques to create an array of textures, I have discovered the beauty in simplicity and instead have allowed my colours to speak for themselves. This is an approach which I learnt to appreciate whilst on my placement year working for two very different yet innovative up and coming London based designers, both of whom have developed their own signature style, something which I aspire to create within my own work.
BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles