Raffaele Baldo
Ciao! My name is Raffaele. I am a creative mischief-maker and illustrator based in Nottingham, under the pseudonym of Ike. I love everything wobbly, silly, weird and queer. Spanning across media and fields, I am in perpetual search for the next project, to infuse with awkward humour and mischief. I love to craft odd-looking characters to be the vehicle of my fascination with human nature, bodies, emotions, community and sexuality. My practice utilises any material I can get my hands on to maintain a playful and mischievous energy; may it be in the form of a mural, a picture book, a sculpture, design for toys or packaging. I try to make this silly world a little bit funnier and kinder one illustration at a time. After all, play is very serious business.
BA (Hons) Illustration