Muping Zhao
Hi, I'm Muping! Over the past three years, I have mainly been exploring picture books, packaging design, and animation. I like to draw inspiration from daily life and the people around me, and through observation. I try to incorporate storytelling into each of my creations to make people feel warm and healed. In addition, as a Chinese illustrator, I am interested in integrating elements of China's excellent material and intangible cultural heritage into my creations and designs. This goal was well reflected in my project during my third year at university. I designed an interactive book based on a featured form of dwellings, Shikumen (the alleyway houses) in my hometown of Shanghai, aiming to leave some historical and cultural memories for the rapidly developing modern city. Looking to the future, I will pursue a postgraduate degree, with children's literature and picture books being my main direction, but I will continue to try new things at the same time.
BA (Hons) Illustration