Lauren Nevin
Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer interested in campaign and publication design, as well as branding. My portfolio showcases a range of design styles, from the powerful messaging of an abortion rights campaign to the intricate details of a crafty printmaking project. I take a hands-on approach (quite literally still scrubbing ink off my hands), diving into the brief and immersing myself in the subject matter to develop solutions that demonstrate a deep commitment to understanding the issues at play. Every project is unique, and I approach each with a fresh perspective and open mind. Versatility is one of my greatest strengths. I’m always ready to learn and tackle any challenge thrown my way. I thrive on exploring different approaches and pushing creative boundaries to create outcomes with a lasting impression. I’m eager to gain practical experience to further develop my skills as a designer, strategist and all-round creative.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design