Alex Monk
Hello, I’m Alex - a 3D motion graphic designer. I’ve been developing, experimenting and building projects utilising 3D and motion design software. Studying 3D animation has proven that I’m a diverse, perspicacious and adaptive designer. I’ve been practising 3D animation before university and whilst studying here I have managed to push my understanding and ability further and further. Showing that I’m prepared to learn new ideas and techniques in the industry and continue to create outstanding work, in order to impress and make audiences question “how on earth did he do that?”. Whilst directing my work, I have been able to subvert the expectations of audiences, adding personality and life to projects with vast potential. One of my projects has enabled me to experiment with Cinema 4D and Redshift to create a questionably real-looking (despite the impossible real-life effects) outcome of a Minoan artefact bought to life.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design