Lauren Lock
I got into photography in 2015 after borrowing my Grandad's camera and realising how much I enjoyed using it. Eventually, I realised that I wanted to pursue something creative as a career. I did Creative Media Design at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, giving me base knowledge of creative software, planning, and practice in a professional setting, before going on to study Photography at Trent. This furthered my creative camera skills and deepened my knowledge of photography theory and history, allowing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craft that I channel into the work that I make. I've always been obsessed with animals, particularly dogs, so it makes sense that my specialism is geared towards dog portraits. I am working on building a dog photography business with hopes of making this into a full-time venture. However, I also create images of landscapes and wildlife, with my final degree project centred around fostering a deeper appreciation of trees.
BA (Hons) Photography