Mason Haworth
Our City. Your Story. Is an exploration into what makes Nottingham, Nottingham. Being a city that never sleeps, I want to show in my photography that we can find beauty wherever we go. I have also interviewed people within the city from managers of shops, cafe employees, a first-year student to a musician. I have done this as I want to show a range of personal experiences in Nottingham. I wanted to find out why communities are so important, why they decided to live here and why they love it so much. This project is a homage to Nottingham as I am coming to the end of my degree, I have spent a lot of time reflecting over the past three years. I owe the city a lot as I have grown so much not only in my work but in myself too. This project has brought me out of my comfort zone a lot and has given me a better understanding of how communities come together as well as how important shops and cafes for example are for everybody.
BA (Hons) Photography