Isabella Crook
I am a final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student and I am passionate for all things visual; this interest is continually being developed and I find myself increasingly in tune with the visual communicative processes that modern culture submerges us within. A number of my projects explore visual design and its instantaneous impact this has on the consumer. I think creatively and in visually dominant terms, but I understand the importance of balancing this approach with commerciality. With my degree nurturing my strong attention to detail and solidifying my understanding of visual communication, I have been able to explore a variety of principles within my projects such as editorial design, illustration, advertising and branding. My projects have made me increasingly aware of how marketing is heavily revolved around the way one perceives an image; advancements in social media have only compounded my understanding of how visual marketing can elicit an powerful emotional response.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design