Harriet Fletcher-Gilhuys
My collection “From Field to Fibre: an exploration into British Wool” was inspired by the Fibershed soil to soil concept. After personal research development including my involvement with the NTU natural dye garden and time spent at Fernhill Farm wool school in Somerset, I made the decision to launch my own collection based on my own internal natural fibre and dye system all developed and produced within 150 mile radius from farm to final production (aligning with the Fibershed ethos). I selected one sheep from the flock and sheared it myself and then went through the whole process of carding, spinning and preparing it into balls ready to be hand knitted. The Romney Jumper in look one, is entirely hand spun with the sheep ear tag number embroidered into the back (using onion skin dyed British wool) to show full traceability by adding narrative to the garment and connecting wearers directly back to the sheep, the land and the soil.
BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles