Francesca Chilton
Hey! I am a graphic designer from the hills of Northumberland with a huge passion for all things typography, branding and also just a whole load of deep diving through research. Throughout this final year I have been producing work which ties with my own character. I have loved creating projects which have a sense of intrigue attached, such as the Beakers whisky brand and the lunar braille calendar. I'm super excited for the next part of design life to grow further and work in an environment where I will be surrounded by like-minded people in a culture that can harbour creative freedom. Whilst I'm a hard working individual I love to be in a busy studio, explore places, get to know new people and be out in nature whenever I can. Feel free to take a wee look at my work and see what you think! Shy bairns get nowt, so my details are below!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design