Ella Casey
I'm exceptionally creative and have found my creative outlet through the camera. I have studied various subjects at different levels, such as graphic design, media studies and photography, which has enhanced my creative thinking. In addition, I use photography to discuss important issues like mental illness, sexism and climate change. The work for my final project exhibition is surrounding climate change, and I am attempting to encourage viewers on how they interact with the land if they can live in a planet-centric design. I have previously exhibited at the John Dowton Awards in Kent, which was a valuable learning experience in preparing for an exhibition. I have also worked alongside Lakeside Arts Gallery based at the University of Nottingham, which taught me vital marketing skills as we wanted to market their gallery to students. I have received a place on a Masters degree in Media and Globalisation which will help me build the skills needed to work in the media industry.
BA (Hons) Photography