Olivia-Rose Barns
As a final year BA (Hons) Photography student, my project 'Dear Mum' delves into grief, utilising handcrafted weaving techniques as a therapeutic process for navigating emotional loss. The project underscores photography's tactile nature, effectively conveying the layered emotions associated with grieving. The weaving technique, reminiscent of traditional Indian attire worn by my partner's Sikh, Punjabi family, contributes cultural depth. As a contemporary photographer, my goal is to demonstrate the vast potential of weaving, pushing boundaries and inspiring innovation within the field. My image '1982' garnered high commendation at the RBSA Gallery, further fuelling my passion for photography. Upon graduation, I intend to pursue an MA in Photography, with aspirations to become a lecturer and practising artist. In these roles, I am eager to share my knowledge and experiences, inspiring and the creative journeys of future photographers.
BA (Hons) Photography