Kitty Wellaway
I have always been extremely passionate about illustration, since I was very young, and enjoy creating unique projects from my artworks. I love stepping out of the box with design and creating impact. I am a very bubbly, lively person, and have always enjoyed working in a collaborative atmosphere with my peers. My love for branding and advertising has blossomed while being at Nottingham Trent University, these are some of my future career aspirations. I also have a huge sentiment for music and fashion. After graduating, I hope to continue these passions through my graphic design. I have a particular interest with strategy and the research part of design, this informs a lot of my story telling and helps me create a deeper meaning behind the brands. Experimenting with new materials I also enjoy thoroughly, I have a background of fine art, so I have fervour for painting and printing.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design