Alexandra Farmer
I am a final year Fine Art student. I like to make work from my biography, thinking of it as a sort of visual diary that I let the public see. In particular, I make work about my romantic relationships focusing on how they fit within my idea of female sexuality. My work often depicts intimate moments, sometimes explicit in nature. Authenticity is important in my work and I always want to show the audience the truth of how I see the world. Authenticity is distinctly shown in my photographs which must be spontaneous and un-staged. Photography has become a big part of my practice and is the medium used in Unwritten, 2023 which will be shown as part of Fine Arts degree showcase, Synergy. My wider practice also includes textile, 3D casting, text and installation. During my time at the university, I have worked at Bonington Gallery as an invigilator. This sort of valuable engagement in Nottingham’s art scene is something I would like to continue after graduation.
BA (Hons) Fine Art