Thomas Adey
Hi! I’m Tom – a Graphic Design and MA Illustration graduate with an affinity for visual metaphor, creative writing, and narratives that aim to improve mental wellbeing, and tell stories that often go unheard. The focus of my projects often revolves around communication and expanding public understanding of taboo or misunderstood topics. This year, I’ve consolidated that which I’m passionate about into 'ReCognition: Re-examining Neurodivergence' – one-part graphic novel, one-part poetry journal, which seeks to explore neurodivergence from a personal perspective. Being neurodivergent myself, I wanted to create a narrative that helps with building a sense of community between often-isolated neurodivergent individuals , as well as bridging the gap in understanding between them and neurotypical individuals. This project has strongly affected my future career ideas – telling untold stories, while incorporating my own voice and style in order to create social change.
MA Illustration