Izzy Cole
Hi! I'm Izzy (she/her), a Welsh Illustrator with a background in creative writing. I love to make content that reflects who I am; I have always found drawing and writing to be wonderful distractions from the outside world. Over the course of my MA, I have covered many topics such as neurodiversity, the LGBTQ+ community and mental health issues. Barrel of laughs, me! Whilst the message behind my art is often a little bit sad, I use a style that is perhaps the antithesis of that. When in doubt, make it pink and add some sparkles - a philosophy that has carried me through life! This year, I have made a graphic novel that I'm very proud of. It explores my life as I grow up, self-destruct, and piece myself back together again. 'Chasing Joy' - hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you!
MA Illustration