Milly Matthews
I am an artist and illustrator currently based in Nottingham. With a vibrant, playful identity I mainly work digitally but also experiment with traditional mediums like paint and textiles. My artwork extends itself through the world of art and music alongside contemporary social issues and sensitive subject areas, providing voices for those who are marginalised. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with variety of creatives and businesses such as Urban Outfitters, Femicide Zine, and STENCIL. Urban Outfitters featured my Social Identity Physical Disabilities graphic in their SHEET Magazine and has been used for imagery within stores across Europe and United Kingdom. Alongside collaborating with Femicide Zine, producing vector illustrations around supporting sex workers in visualising Sex Work Is Work. This published collaboration supports my ‘Cost Of Living Crisis Sex Workers’ movement, which was shortlisted by design agency Born Ugly which helps to avoid an "ugly future".
BA (Hons) Graphic Design