Melvin Lartey
Hi, I'm Melvin. I am currently a graphic designer based in Birmingham. I like the idea of being a creative problem solver because that is what we do in graphic design. We come up with a creative solution to a problem. My main interests are in branding, packaging and illustration, but I'm happy to explore different areas. I love the ideation stage of the creative process because it allows me to explore a range of ideas that could be used as the final outcome. In my third year, one of my favourite briefs was called 'Stories with impact' from Chums. I had the opportunity to produce a children's book that focused on introducing chemotherapy to children and parents affected by cancer. This brief gave me the experience of learning and understanding a sensitive subject and creating an appropriate outcome. I am grateful for these three years as they have helped me to become a better designer in terms of knowledge, process and skills.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design