Ludan Miao
As a MA Fashion Design student, I feel that my role is to be in tune with the values of sustainability, environmentalism and zero waste. With the theme "How to achieve a symbiotic state between humans and nature after the epidemic?", I wanted to use plants as a medium to bridge the long-standing strangeness between them. By studying the audio recordings of plants during the epidemic and then using origami techniques to incorporate "audio visualisation" into the structure of the garments, I wanted to show the ways in which plant communities protect themselves in the natural world. In terms of fabrics, I focused on finding green garment resources to reduce waste and non-recyclable pollutants. The role of waste and materials is redefined through the incorporation of organic organisms and the use of waste materials to extract colours for fabrics. My clothing designs are not only a tribute to nature, but also a genuine desire for humans to live in harmony with nature.
MA Fashion Design