Yu Hsuan Liao
"I will bring you flowers". My father was the first person who taught me how to embrace nature. Since I was little, I grew up in a house with a beautiful garden that was planted by him, which has greatly inspired me and my design work. Orchid is the key element that shapes my project. I love it for its association with the blessing and new beginning from my Taiwanese background and culture. It's powerful, but also, it's soft. My research focus explores the possibilities of embroidery in the creation and production of a textile-driven capsule fashion collection. I want to create original fabric and apply handmade decoration to it as I believe these devoted and extraordinary details are the key elements that shape an emotional attachment to a garment. Clothing can evoke strong emotions such as love and joy simply because everything we do, or think, is tied to emotion. With emotional attachment, there will be the chance to break the unbreakable cycle of sustainability.
MA Fashion Design