Lloyd Wood
Hi, I’m Lloyd: a graphic designer with lots of character. My strengths lie in branding and editorial design with typography acting as the baseline for much of my practice. I align myself with understanding what a brief is asking and try not to have anything left out in order to create the right response. At the centre of my projects tends to be insights to justify my design decisions. Being confident enough to counter typical visual styles help to make the world around us a more stimulating place. Having a bold approach when taking on projects is vital to keep outcomes appropriate, yet unpredictable. I utilise my variable skills to produce outcomes with considered touchpoints. Whether a task is light or heavy, I always put in my best efforts. My passion to create stem from an early age which has grown as I begin leading my way as a professional graphic designer. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me – and the many typographic terms hidden throughout; how many did you spot?
BA (Hons) Graphic Design