Hello! I'm Krishna, without a surname. Sounds different? Standing out from the crowd is what I strive for. Pursuing a MA in Fashion and Creative Pattern Cutting in the UK has been one of the best decisions I've made. With industry experience under my belt and being a young entrepreneur featured in India's national newspapers, I have always had a clear vision of my path in life. My long-term aspiration is to return to business and establish my own label, one that reflects my values and beliefs. As a responsible designer, I take great care in making conscious choices while creating distinct pieces. I embrace the challenge of seamlessly blending haute couture with sustainability. This idea materializes in my project, 'Controlled Chaos'. 'Controlled Chaos' showcases sustainable haute couture that offers versatility and individuality through its carefully handcrafted pleats and folds. It is a manifestation of my passion for combining elegance, sustainability, and the wearer's expression.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting