Vishitha Puppala
I am an Indian fashion designer and pattern maker who came to Nottingham Trent University to study on the MA in Fashion and Creative Pattern Cutting. I have a BA in Fashion. I used to teach garment construction and pattern making, and after serving as a production manager and assistant designer for a year, I made the decision that I wanted to improve my abilities. Here, I honed my making and flat pattern-making skills, which sparked an ongoing conversation about inclusivity for women of various body types and sizes. My project 'Quintessentially Plus' explores how one item of clothing can fit a variety of body types spanning at least three sizes. Finding clothes that fit me precisely was a challenge for me personally, and I believe that feeling excluded in this regard is what inspired me to start my present endeavour. I intend to continue working on this once I graduate in order to create better clothing for everyone and launch my own label.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting