Katie Daykin
My long-standing love for illustration and its many applications, led me to choose Graphic Design at NTU. I endeavour to create visually diverse illustrations for a variety of consumers. In my final year I've produced outcomes including, a children's book, a museum campaign and an eco-friendly surf brand. Through choosing graphic design, I've acquired and developed skills and techniques to use in combination with my illustrative abilities, which I feel will be advantageous in my prospective career and expand my client base. The process of creating characters, their personalities and stories, has always given me great enjoyment, and whilst working to the outlines of my briefs, I've attempted to demonstrate this within my projects throughout the year. For example, in my children's book project, I created six original characters for a story I wrote about anxieties surrounding public speaking. Ultimately, I want to work as a character developer/illustrator for an animation house/publisher.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design