Kaan Varis
Hiya there, I’m Kaan and “Graphic design is my passion”. I am a versatile and enthusiastic designer who always approaches any project with an open mind and unbridled excitement. I am always eager to try and experiment through new mediums and am always keen to ask questions about projects as it allows me to create effective strategies and outcomes. I am a dedicated individual who is eager to try new things and is always open to learn and expose themselves to new environments, as evident by my time in the University of Lapland, Finland. I am passionate about creating experiences as evident by my tapestry inspired by gabbeh. I am passionate about finding solutions to problems, and most of all I am passionate about making cool stuff. Through design I wish to evoke emotions of awe and wonder as evident by my Rovaniemi poster-zine (use Artivive); I was editor in chief in my group when designing it. Overall, I’m ecstatic to work with creatives in order to design a better world.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design