Elsbeth Hammond
Hello my name is Elsbeth. I love all areas of graphic design, but I have a special interest in branding and type. I’m always eager to learn, I’m excited to break into the industry and do just that. This year I designed my first fully functional typeface inspired by the Nottingham theatre and pantomimes. I also did another type-based project, for my D&AD I tried to put a more positive spin on the cost-of-living crisis with my type-based campaign. My 'Toy Rebellion Mr Potato Head' aimed to disrupt the toy industry and fought for a more fun, greener future for kids everywhere. Lastly, I fully immersed myself in Bhutan and surprised the spirit industry with a non-alcoholic chilli vodka, that has all the flavour without the headache. Please find my contact details below!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design