Amy Pallant
I was born in Sidcup in South London with frequent access to both the city and the Kent countryside, where I now reside. During my education, I found interest in both art and mathematics, and coupled with exposure to London’s rich history, I naturally became fascinated with architecture. My Bachelors Degree in Fine Art exposed me to the works of Miwon Kwon and Marc Auge, which narrowed my practice to explore site-specificity and locational identity which continues throughout my practice. My approach to practice, beginning with observation and exploration of buildings, results in large-scale, imposing installations that aim to signal and compliment a space rather than overpower them, by stripping back key elements that are unique to each installation. My mathematical approach to my practice can be seen in both my execution and my use of maquettes to create three-dimensional sketches that are reworked to scale prior to an installation.
BA (Hons) Fine Art