Aishwarya Balakrishna
I am a designer currently pursuing a Master's degree in Fashion Design after having completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. My practice looks to bridge the gap between science and the arts, through the amalgamation of logical design and innovative tech that fashions solutions to modern quandaries. My project 'Evolution of Human to Android' is a collection of futuristic ensembles that form various permutations and combinations of looks by way of colour-changing tech and modular fashion. The ensembles provide the user control of how they wish to wear the looks – as monochromatic, with bright prints, sophisticated-simple or bold-experimental. My experience of working in research and development has led to my keen interest in creative innovation and I am passionate about incorporating these skills in my design practice. After graduating, I hope to continue my explorations into innovation in the field of fashion and push the boundaries of fashion as we know it.
MA Fashion Design