Sophia Marshall
‘I Like Large Parties’ is a collection to celebrate our united, post-covid lives. Referencing the Roaring 20’s through family photos, jewellery and literature of the time, this collection draws from the past, to celebrate the future. I have a passion for colour and bold graphics which I have refined during my study. In combining collage with hand-drawn detail, intricate pattern, and innovative use of materials, my concepts are forward- thinking and humorous (because truthfully at the moment, if you don’t laugh, you’d cry). Specialising in embroidery, with particular interest and proficiency in Multihead, hand embellishment and digital print, I create exciting collections for contemporary fashion. Working on live briefs during my time at university- most recently one with Joules, which I was lucky enough to win, has given me insight into what is required of a professional designer. I’ve loved every second at Trent and am excited to get out into the world of work!
BA (H) Textile Design