Kathryn Kerr
I am a print specialist with an added love for embroidery, interiors and children’s designs from Northern Ireland. Whimsical Tradition a children’s interiors collection has allowed me to expand my passion all of these areas. Having a passion for projects with a personal concept behind them I have been able to show my imaginative personality through completing my main children’s interiors project based on my childhood memories but also a short competition brief for Joules creating a womenswear collection based on my grandparents’ garden. Including handmade touches within my work with watercolours, embroidery techniques, hand painted screen mono prints and collage gives me a unique edge to my design style and I plan to continue developing those skills in the future. I hope to become a freelance print designer focusing on illustrations, florals and children’s designs alongside further exploring my interiors interest as an interior designer.
BA (H) Textile Design