Kezia Rosenberg
A trend forecast for 2022/23, Perennial Bliss aims to celebrate the outdoors, honouring how we have used open spaces to seek sanctum during the Coronavirus pandemic. Kezia’s interest in consumer behaviour and their changing values informed the projects concept. In times of uncertainty, the consumer searches for comfort, however, physical closeness has been restricted through social distancing measures. The consumer adapted, buying tranquillity through tactile textures. Responding to the delicate qualities of dried flowers through constructing paper sculptures. This tactile trend is supported with a collection of luxury knitted samples. Samples play on the contrasting textures of comforting lambswool, glossy viscose, and matte crisp linen, creating a reassuring sensory experience for the consumer. Work experience at MyWardrobeHQ. Winner of Next Menswear life brief and recognition in Joule’s life project. Kezia aspires a future career in a buying, trend forecasting or fabric sourcing.
BA (H) Textile Design