Rachel Jessop
‘Be a man’, lasting pieces with lasting impressions. A collection intended to challenge stereotypes that continue to surround masculinity through bold pieces that are designed to make an impact and provoke thought. It provides men, who are tired of dressing in a way that is deemed acceptable for their gender, with a fresh approach to fashion that allows them to be themselves. I have always found activist design fascinating; the idea that you can create pieces designed to make a difference is exciting and provides every design with greater value and purpose. I am passionate about hand weaving and digital weaving. In the past year, my passion for digital weaving and use of Pointcarré has developed significantly due to bold, image-based designs being central to my FMP collection. Achievements: Scholarship awarded by The Worshipful Company of Weavers, shortlisted for Stephen Walter’s Student Competition and NTU SiP Award.
BA (H) Textile Design