Lauren Fisher
Altered Perceptions is about exploring our everyday and mundane surroundings, encouraging us to slow down, observe and reflect on the surfaces and surroundings that are often overlooked and forgotten. I wanted to capture this especially in today’s fast paced environment, alongside the disruption that has been caused by COVID, how it has changed our everyday routine and how we have been forced to change how we now interact and explore the spaces we live in.These ideas where explored through the design fundamentals of pattern, texture and mark making The approach taken with this project was to be very experimental and explore the relationship between materials and woven samples. I wanted to explore using unusual materials in my visual research such as clay, filler and pastes, along side my traditional media. I wanted my collection to have a positive impact on the environment it sits in, so I looked at how my samples can improve wellbeing and health, within the interiors setting.
BA (H) Textile Design