Lily Moore
Inspired by the devastation of coronavirus, Lily Moore imagines a future where humanity is continually gripped by pandemia, fixated on isolation, and consumed by the struggle to survive. This apocalyptic vision is encapsulated by the projects two characters, The Healer and The Hoarder, which represent the extreme behavioural response to the current pandemic. Both are heavily inspired by the outfits worn by Plague Doctor’s during the Black Death, with each garment similarly coated in scented wax, culminating in their uniquely utilitarian form. The print design is developed from Lily’s artwork, drawn with a two-meter stick to depict the reality of social distancing in vision and in method. In doing so, Lily Moore’s garments capture the macabre, chilling reality of future pandemics. Lily takes a multi-disciplinary approach to textiles, creating a piece which seeks to challenge the boundaries between textiles and art.
BA (H) Textile Design