Alice Young
Vivere is a revival of traditional processes and craftsmanship combined with contemporary design, intended for luxury domestic interiors and women’s nightwear. Inspired by nature and oriental design, this project aims to use illustrative, hand-drawn imagery and a rich, sophisticated palette to evoke a sense of bringing the outdoors in and connecting to the natural world. As a designer specialising in print, I am particularly passionate about hand-drawn and painted illustration with a strong attention to detail. I also enjoy incorporating classical design features and traditional processes within my work, referencing the Slow Design movement. I am greatly inspired by nature and architecture, influenced by growing up in semi-rural Lancashire. During my degree, I have completed work experience at Standfast and Barracks Fabric Printing Company as well as working on briefs set by Sanderson Design Group, Romo Black Edition and Joules.
BA (H) Textile Design