Erin Hughes
Architecturally Laced is a high end interiors collection, aiming to bring a calming and sophisticated feel to the home. Inspiration for this collection has come from contrasting themes of architectural details and lacey florals. A neutrally toned colour palette was chosen to reflect a relaxed environment which contrasts with our hectic lives and therefore enriching our wellbeing. The collection encompasses a variety of traditional and digital embroidery techniques in addition to laser cut wall panels and digital wall paper prints. Two designs from this collection were shortlisted for the i-dott Graham & Brown Wallpaper Competition and await further judging. During a second year live brief with Next, my team won and secured a 2 week placement each at their Menswear department. I am soon to undertake this work experience with the company in August 2021. Since completing my final year, I am keen to seek out opportunities within interior companies.
BA (H) Textile Design